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Angry I want more room

Since my appartment is only 30 square metres in size I donít have a game room. I am already glad there is some room for my PC, printer and scanner! Oh, I have also an Atari Lynx with some games (inlcuding original boxes) in my posession. It is stored in a cabinet between cans of soup and packs of milk.

My god what do I h-a-t-e my house. :kill
This morning I have found out my toilet is broken (and turned the bathroom in a jacuzzi) and water would not go away in the kitchen sink. Tomorrow a plumber will repare the mess for 'only' 60 Euro!. Until then, I will dream of a house consisting of multiple rooms including a computerroom for my Lynx, PC and Amiga and where I can go to the toilet without getting wet feet.
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