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Originally Posted by eternalcrusader
Nice site.

Why are the songs zipped ?

You should also include the original version of the Agony title (as intented by the composer) instead of the faulty version that's in the game (one of the samples is in wrong octave). You can find it there:

Also, may I request Goldrunner title ? It's the greatest tune there is despite of it's atari/c64 kind of sound...
Thanks & since gold runnerhas been requested about 2-3 times i will look into it. And Agony, I was unaware it was faultly the original title track. Will check that out too.

Zipped files? - 2 reasons -

1st & main reason:

download sizes are about 10% less. Saving you download time and my bandwitdh (a little)

2nd reason:

Its a pain in the arse when you click a mp3 link and your mp3 player starts to stream it and play it on the spot. For example "ABC" Media player wants to embed it in the page and play it there and then or in the player!) Your forced to right click and save-as. I'm sure someone here knows what i'm talking about...
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