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How about that?

I have the following adfs that are enormously oversized

Super Ski 2 (1990) [cr] (Disk 2 of 2).adf 1100kb
Turrican (1990).adf 1906kb
Master Blazer (1990) [alt].adf 1978kb
B.C. Kid (1 disk) (1992).adf 2023kb
Turrican 2 (1991).adf 2116kb
Turrican 3 (1993).adf 2228kb

They are all common files that can be found on pe2000.
Now, there are these things I don't understand... Most of them are one disked versions. If they contain so much data, how can they ever fit on a single DD floppy? Even weirder, one of them is not an one disked version (super ski disk 2) it contains 220kilobytes of extra data, then how many tracks were there on the original disk???

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