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Originally Posted by StarEye
That was nice. I find the controls a bit too smooth though, it doesn't really feel like the car's touching the ground. Also the engine sound needs more oomph, but I bet that's going to be fixed. Would be nice with more gears too (automatic, but you hear the driver changing gears).

Anyway, not sure if you're planning on changing it, but I think the controls makes the track a bit too easy to navigate through, and not giving any sense of accomplishment when you round a perfect corner. And I hope sliding and drifting will be in too, like in the originals.
Thanks everyone for your support. Yes, the game lacks playability, skidding should be improved, car control is a bit simple, etc. I've started weaponry system (BTW you can already test it by starting the game with SHIFT+RETURN cheatmode:

- F front missile
- S super missile
- H homing: avoid: crashes the program, I'm currently fixing it
- R rear missile
- N nitro jump
- M mine
- K kill your car
- RETURN: skips 1 lap

weaponry is illimited right now, works anytime.

FYI Car sprites have been rendered with 3D studio max using existing Audi TT / Mercedes / BMW car models that I ripped off (I'm a top notch ripper, because I suck too much in gfx design).

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