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As others have said, MakeCD and BurnIt are very good for CD burning. In terms of DVD burning, give Frying Pan a go for yourself. I'm not sure why you would bother too much with DVD burning on Amiga, though, because your PC will almost certainly do it quicker and better. No doubt you will say that you want to do it on Amiga just because you can!

BTW there's also another DVD burning utility called DVDRTools. It's older than Frying Pan and CLI only as it's a Linux port.

Edit: Hello Retroman

Originally Posted by thomas
Frying Pan is a free alternative but does not work too good.
It hasn't been free for a long time. The free version on Aminet was a very early beta version that only had CD support, which unsurprisingly had bugs. The shareware version is reasonably good as far as DVD burning software goes on Amiga which, as you would expect, is not well-catered for.

Hum, just see that FP is not free any longer, so IMHO it is not an alternative any longer, either.
Not an alternative? Why not? It is shareware and a demo version is available for evaluation on the author's website. Have you even tried it for yourself?

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