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Originally Posted by Minuous
Xenon 2 - what crap graphics, they are all just shades of brown! Too much inertia of the player's ship, making it annoying to control.

Assassin, Strider, Gods, Alien Breed series - both rather crap I'm afraid.

Wings of Fury - very average, why does everyone think this is good?

Any Vulcan games - Absolute crap. I know the Amiga games scene was in a bit of a lull at the time but it was inexcusable for the reviewers to knowingly give such a crap game a high score.

Worms - why exactly is this supposed to be good?

Zool - it's OK but, as has been said, no Sonic-beater.

SWIV - bog-standard shoot-em-up, gimme Hybris (or Silkworm or Flying Shark) any day.

Superfrog - it's OK I guess but the way everyone raves on about it you would think it was really great!

You just mentionned most of my favourite games (except for the Vulcan games, I agree about that)
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