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Hi there!!
nogfx last scummvm aga (0.2.0) was buggy because of ixemul/fseek (he patched it in further non AGA versions). fseek was returning end-of-file instead of previous-pos when fseeking over end-of-file...i patched it and compiled ixemul 48.2 again for 68020-soft only(source included in zoned package to compile it again for other cpu/bases configs) it works!!!
you can enjoy full versions of dott and sam'n'max on your light (ie non expanded) miggys at really good speed !!!
OK no sound and no music....but if your cpu can afford adlib emulation, he can afford scummvm aga last release (which is very slow on light miggys...)..
for os3.0 users like me, to make it work use systempatch instead of blazewcp...
have a nice one!!!
PS: if ixemul developppers are visiting EAB, please note that last ixemul release for 68k (49.17) doesn`t solve this lots of bugs were reported in versions after 48.2 so i preferred to start from 48.2.
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