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Smile AmigaDOS disk cleanup

1). Any ADF that has an AmigaDOS filesystem CANNOT be trimmed down under any circumstances!
AmigaDos writes file data all over a disk, a block here, a block there. Do not do it!
Well, newer versions of X-Copy provide an OPTIMIZE option, which works like DEFRAG on a Windows-driven harddisk, but can also operate with floppy disks. A disk which is, say, 48% full, can be OPTIMIZED so that all of the disk contents are on the FIRST half of the disk, with the other half being empty.
This CAN save time when transferring, provided that you "resize" the image again afterwards so that AmigaDOS can continue writing on the disk for future sessions. Yes, it MUST have 880 kB to react correctly to any write-operations.
But I quite like that X-Copy feature: it speeds up disk access and when transferring, you can really save time that way. Consider this IS a criteria for A500 users having to do this with no more than a speed of 19200 kbps (if at all)
I'd even plead for every TOSEC AmigaDOS disk to be optimized by default: but I reckon that's an impossible thing to do.
Yeah, much too much stuff.

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