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Originally Posted by sarek2k
@ChrisNZ Love the site! should do something like your site with mine i live beside the sea so could get some nice pics like yours!

Also did u say you'd re-done all the tunes to higher quality cause i've just downloaded agony intro tune and it's still 128kbps?

you'll have to watch your bandwidth of your site cause it will get hammerd round here

keep adding those tunes m8!

unlike some people i love the tunes as mp3's sort of future proofs them
Thanks, As for the pictures the left is taken by me in Denia(East coast Spain), Wher I live for now and the other of the sea is taken in Wonderful New Zealand. Not far from my home there.

I'm slowly working on the site and the tunes added more each time I can. The bandwitdh could kill me in the end...But for now its ok...

Sorry not all tunes are 192kb/s, just flashback was redone and shadow of the beast plus a few others. Agony will be resampled later at 192kb/s. But there is alot of work to be done.

I think Mp3 will future proof it more and for example, download the mod file and guess what ?? Hang on most of the tune is missing (sword of sodan for example) or it sounds a bit different. I try to recrod the tune as the amiga plays it and ALL the tune unlike many mod files.....
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