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So many classics being absolutely slandered.

Lotus II was one of the best 2 player racers ever... i'd nearly always beat someone by that fraction of a second.

Speedball II was an absolute gem of a game ... again at its best in multi player

Turrican was a great platformer

I'll admit some of the endless sequals to these games are over the top, but these should be 3 in anyones top 20

As for overrated

Well I could include a lot of the team 17 games there, they looked pretty.. and were reasonable quality at the time but not as good as the hype they got... definitely agree with the person that said 'Body Blows'. And probably all those doom clones too, i didnt get into any of them! .... for me Hired Guns was a little overrated too (probably along with other psygnosis stuff like the killing game show and so on)

I actually cant think of that many overrated games anymore, it was so long ago and if it was no good I just didnt play it and have since mostly forgotten it!
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