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Originally Posted by greenchili
How's your project coming along? I managing to get Classic WB running on the Xbox myself, but I don't like the way WinuaeX handles screensizes. Seems it locks in on the minimum workbench screensize instead of the actual screensize of the active screen. It's really annoying seeing a dinky 320x200 screen on 640x480. Or is that 640x200 on a 640x480... I dunno it just does weird things. :
Well i have 2 or 3 versions fully working already but im trying to get that perfect workbench for the xbox hence waiting one Bloodwych to get back to me

But it all works great....Boots the splash screen then loads Workbench ready to run with all the games and demos instantly.

Im not sure you will be able to get the workbench much different than what it looks already with screen res adjustment...not without resetting the res of winuaex as well
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