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Stick out tongue

(rolls up sleeves) Right, what was that about ST owners?

Seriously, after recently acquiring an Amiga (well, two actually; I found a 500 with the memory module, tv-modulator, manual, workbench disks and about 40 games for 5 today I get all the luck) I have to admit most of the Amiga games were far better than the ST versions. 'Cept 3D stuff anyway. I tried Hunter on the Amiga today and it seems far jerkier than the ST version.
Still, I'll always love my Atari. And I prefer Green to Antiseptic Blue

As far as chip-music goes, Check out the St music to Seven Gates of Jambala, the game-over music is stunning. Actually check out all the chip music Thalion did, most of it's pretty cool. Dave Whittickers stuff too
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