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Originally Posted by synchro
Thinking about it i could just have WORKBENCH.HDF and a WHD directory that could contain it all....all people would have to do is attach that one dir as a second drive....When workbench boots the WHD directory would contain all sub dirs of Games...Demos etc !!

Wouldnt look messy or confusing would it

Thats pretty much what i came up with earlier as quoted above....Its the way the PC version is set up really on the Tribute DVD you can only have a gig Workbench Max !! so the attached dirs allow it to be 3.5 gig as far as everyones concerned

So anyway if you thought of the same sort of thing as well then it sounds pretty much the best way to handle it

Though inserting the DVD ...Then the splash screen....Then booting straight into workbench would be the ultimate !!!
Trying to get Xports attention at the moment to see if its possible
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