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Karl Stodulski
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Hi Ras2a,

A lot depends on the game itself. Some may want a separate disk to save onto, others may save onto one of the game disks.

With some ADFs, you may need to unprotect the file in order to save onto them- check in Windows that the ADF isn't 'Read Only'. If you've got Workbench and the disk can be recognised in it, you may want to make sure that the disk is not protected.

Bearing in mind that some games may require a blank ADF disk, the file that WinUAE creates may need to be formatted first in Workbench. Even then, some games may need the blank ADF to be renamed (from within Workbench, that is, NOT from within Windows).

For instance, UFO: Enemy Unknown requires the save game disk to be called UFOSaves.

There are some games which can't be saved as yet- the main one I can think of is Sensible Soccer/ SWOS.

I would have thought that Arcade Pool/ Snooker would have saved onto the ADFs themselves. You could try a blank, formatted ADF as well in case it doesn't save onto the game disks!

Karl Stodulski

PS: Keep a backup of the game disks!

PPS: Is there any chance of telling me where you got Arcade Pool/ Arcade Snooker from? I miss those games...
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