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The way that i do things on Winuaex concerning ClassicWB and WHD is to throw all my folders into one main folder.When defining what options the HDF is going to use , i then point to this folder using one of the partition slots.When it boots to Workbench the folder containing all the seperate folders shows up and i'm ready to go (or i would be if i didn't have to unpack the LZX files but i'm fine with that).Certainly you can use as much of the real partition of the Xbox's hardrive (iv'e currently got over 22gb in use for Workbench it just doesn't seem to show up as that).I also point a destination folder for where the LZX unpacked games end up.That's just how i do things mind and it's not much use if you want to play them straight away upon recieving your dvd and then booting it.It's only the one hdf i need as well.Just thought i'd mention it.

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