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Hey there,

I was involved from first release of A500 in Australia, orginally from Canberra, living in Melbourne.
I was a major tracker head from the start and over the years handed out a lot of mods (and whatever they were before mods, i forget) to guys in Canberra, crew names escape me but they traded alot with Red Sector and were pretty active themselves. One guy did a fair trade with some UK heads. I only recall real names and the handle 'OABAAL'.
A guy I want to get hold of is David Mapplebeck, he moved to UK around 1992~1 so maybe someone round here knows where he's at. Please let me know or let him know I want to hook up.

Unfortunately I tossed 1 large cardboard boxload of wares and thousands of mods (stupid), out with my dead A500 in 1995 when I finally crossed over to PC. So yeah, I'm keen to track down some of my early tunes.

Thanks for any help.
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