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Originally Posted by Captain_ Kal
>>>Duke Nukem is one that is a pain, and many games from 1996 onwards can be slow no matter what.

That's because DosBox emulates a 486 DX. (You couldn't run Duke Nukem on a 486 I think). But you can run these games using a Win98/WinMe Partition or Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. With Virtual PC you can have multiple machines running at the same time. I even use it for AROS.
not true. I played DN3D on my 486/66 when it was out, and at full framerate on an onbard CL5428... the problem is the engine it is using, the BUILT engine... it is so strange , full of hacks etc that is difficult to be handled, that's why there aren't many DN3D ports available...
also QUAKE run on a 486DX too , and has FULL framerate (vesa 320X240 ofcourse... lol) on a 486/100 and upwards...

also, DOOMSDAY rocks, makes DOOM a whole new game... especially with the MD2 models...
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