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I can't offer much help I'm afraid, but here are a few things I do know:

3) Fitting a nice big PC HDD & and a CD-ROM
Fitting a 3.5inch PC HD is no problem; if you use the original IDE interface you will need a 2.5in->3.5in cable though. There size of supported HDs is limited to 4 Gig under OS3.1 (and below). Apparently this has been removed under OS3.9, but I not sure if there is another limit.

5) What programs to use for word processing?
Many people thought Final Writer and Wordworth were the best a few years ago, and I dont think there have been any real developments since then.

6) Is it possible to hook up a PC mouse and printer to an Amiga?
Printer and serial mouse, yes. You will have to check Aminet for drivers though. Not sure about PS/2 or USB devices though.

10) how mutch is this likeley to cost?
Power Computing ( probably have a lot of the stuff you are looking for. I've used them once and found them to be perfectly reliable.

Hope some of this helps .
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