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Originally Posted by Adropac2
How is your directory set up at the moment?.I'm trying to imagine what sort of problems you are having.

I have 4 odd gig to play with......If i include all the whd games and the Demos that are on the tribute disk it still comes to just under 3 gig .....But how to do it is the question.....Ideally i wanted one workbench.hdf with everything on it but both winuae and winuaex only see 1 gig

So do i make 3 workbench hdf's (games A-H) and ( games i-z ) and ( Demos) ???
Or one empty workbench so people can attach seperate HDF'S (games a-h.hdf ) etc as a second drive.......Or just directories for people to attach ???

Theres quite a few ways to do it but whats the easiest do you think for people to use ??? Either way looks like the games and demos and a lot of other stuff should fit well on this one

But then i came up with this idea !!!

Thinking about it i could just have WORKBENCH.HDF and a WHD directory that could contain it all....all people would have to do is attach that one dir as a second drive....When workbench boots the WHD directory would contain all sub dirs of Games...Demos etc !!

Wouldnt look messy or confusing would it
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