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When I get to it I'll probably release the .cfg files on the xbox repository and they will be named to match the names of the screenshot packs I created. But it's a big task and I wanna finish with the ROM renaming and compiling of snaps, titles, boxart and any other art for the sets I'm currently working on first.

Once I finish with all the screenshots I'll probably sit down and start hashing out Amiga configurations. As well as Intellivision, Atari 800xl/5200, Dosbox, and Apple IIe. A bit of work I might say. I want people to be able to load, say, an Intellivision game and say "Hey this game is pretty cool", instead of "How the hell do you control this thing?". And unlike the fine people who did the Amiga Gamebase here I'm not familar with the various quirks games typically exhibit so at best I make sure the game loads far enough to actually run ingame. So I could easily be overlooking some unusual quirk.

I usually try to customize just enough xbox buttons to make a game functional based on what I can figure out from the game without documentation. That is probably the part that takes the longest. It's like that with the Intellivision, but at least I have the overlays as reference. I try to keep a certain consistency in the layout, but it's all based on my preferences.

As far as webpages. I have zero webpage skill's and even less web page layout skills. So I'll just be uploading them to the repository with a little readme.txt file explaining what to do with them.
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