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> im very interested in building an A1200 tower system as im in the process of turning
> my PC in to a purely DV editing suite

Are you joking ? A x86/Windows DV editing suite ? Good luck

> and using my Amiga, DC and GBA (plus all my really old
> kit NES, etc) for gaming, but I would also like to get a super fast booting Amiga for
> wordprocessing and the like.

No modern Amiga will boot in 2 secs. They will still boot much faster than any PC though.

> 1) Towering an A1200 system, is the A1200 my best bet or should i go with another model?

An A1200 is your best option as far as existing hardware is concerned, but "best" doesn't mean
"good" in this case. To turn a A1200 into a halfway decent desktop computer that fits today's
needs will be

- *very* expensive
- not satisfying (it'll still be slower than you expect when switching from a fast PC)
- hard to maintain

IMHO, there are two other options you should consider:

1. Wait until the new PPC Motherboards and OS4.0 are out (February/March 2002): Cheaper, faster,
standard hardware. Disadvantage: You'll need UAE to play old games (don't know if this is a
*real* problem though - once you tried to get old games running on an upgraded A1200, you'll
be happy that you can use UAE...)

2. Buy Amithlon. This runs on your existing PC! It's basically a modified Linux kernel, that
starts a *very* fast JIT 68k emulator (at least twice as fast as WinUAE-JIT) and then boots
AmigaOS 3.9. It's AmigaOS running on x86 hardware, including native driver support for GFX,
3D gfx, sound, ethernet, USB... Amithlon is part of the "AmigaOS XL" package distributed by
Haage&Partner ( Prize is $150. Further infos at (check if your machine suits Amithlon!). Disadvantage: Won't run old
games, as there are no custom chips. You can run the Amiga port of UAE on Amithlon, but this
port is not in sync with the Windows version.

> 5) What programs to use for word processing?

One of the weak points of the Amiga. There are Wordworth7 and Finalwriter97 (both no longer
maintained). But a port of "Papyrus" (check for a PC demo version)
will be available soon (December). Pretty good word processor with MS Word compatablity.

> 6) Is it possible to hook up a PC mouse and printer to an Amiga?

Yes, with adaptors.

> 8) how to get online with an Amiga?

Get AmigaOS 3.9. This comes with a demo version of a good browser and a TCP/IP stack that is
very easy to configure. Use YAM ( for E-Mail (simply the best E-Mail client
on any platform) and AmiTradeCenter ( for FTP.

> 9) I heard about emulation boads for the Amiga, is it possible for me to get an amiga to dual
> boot into either Workbench or MSDOS and how fast is would the Dos emulation be (i was hoping
> around 486 DX 50Mhz)

There are "PC on a Card" boards you can plug into your Amiga 2000/3000/4000. 486 is available
(as a used item), but expensive. Not worth the effort IMHO. The PC emulator "Bochs" is available
too, on one of the upcoming PPC Amigas, this one should easily reach 486 speeds.

> 10) how mutch is this likeley to cost?

A1200 - 50$
Accellerator "Blizzard 060" (faster CPU (68060), memory sockets (PS/2), SCSI controller): $350
PPC accellerator "BlizzardPPC 060" (all of the above + PPC co-processor): $600
PCI-Busboard for normal accellerator ("Mediator 1200"): $220
PCI-Busboard for PPC accellerator ("GRex PCI 1200"): $200
Tower case: $150
PC keyboard adaptor: $10
PC mouse adaptor: no idea

SCSI HD/CDROM, PS/2 memory chips, keyboard, mouse, soundcard, PCI-gfx-card: Standard PC items
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