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Originally Posted by greenchili
Good idea! Sounds like it'd work. Maybe once you get it set up you can load it up on the XBOX HD. Setup the workbench so it looks pretty and save the workbench setting. Copy back over to PC for distribution.

Where does the workbench saves it's configuration? the .HDF file or in the WHD directories themselves? (It's been a while).
I only have a choice of 2 workbench's really.....There on tribute if you want to check them out....Its "Classic WB FULL" or "P Classic WB FULL"

I can only use these because they are for TV only ....the others either are for monitor only and the hi-res laced ones will flicker due to the resolutions....Of course i can include workbench 1.3 for the older games people will want to play .....i may play with a few of the resolutions and see if any others look nicer

The workbench setups are saved to the workbench if you select a workbench.hdf on the xbox it will look as it does on the PC depending on which ones i use.
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