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Originally Posted by Adropac2
Funny enough it was on Winuaex that i discovered how to use the hardrive as an Amiga virtual hardrive.I find the whole thing to be amazingly easy compared to Winuae but that's probably because at the time i really wanted to run 3dGalax and that required WHD for me and i was determined to to understand this part of Amiga emulation.I guess it's what you learn to use first as both in truth are fiddley due to the amount of options you obviously need in an emulator like this.Only at the start mind.

I'd be lost without Winuae these days it's unbelievable.Thanks Toni.
LOL !!
Its usually the way it happens when you really want to play something in particular you go all out to learn how to do it.
I have just myself for the first time of trying managed to get workbench and all the WHD games running from the Tribute DVD on the xbox but like i said its a bloody fiddly directory swapping job so i plan to make it as simple as possible on the expansion disk though im still not sure of the best way.

Making the configs and releasing them is a great idea !!
Sounds like a great idea for a web page as well ......Have you thought of doing that
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