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No problem... I don't deny being selfish. I'm creating my sets mostly for myself and then just plan on sharing with anyone else who actually cares to have it. Ultimately I plan on creating .cfg files for all titles and just making them available. Although that is phase two cause it takes so long.

WinueaX lets you upload/download config's from x-port's site, but if you've ever looked at how people set those things up you'd understand why I prefer to do it myself.

Anyways I'm just satisfied that someone took the time to slap everything together in a useable format. It should take me no time at all to make it more xbox friendly once I can sit down with it. I'm in the middle of too many other things to do it just yet though, and I still need to get my gamebase set in synch with the recent update.

We just need to get you a custom disc label or maybe a cd-scribe drive to go with that nice case.
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