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I dont think anyones jumping down your throat but want what everybody does....(And it wont happen ) But basicly Xports Winuaex is as good as its ever going to get.
Actually its nobodys fault but the Amiga itself !!
Most other Emus like Snes...C64...Gameboy...Atari....etc all work on one configeration and the Amiga didnt ...So personally i think Xport and Tony Wilen have done a superb job on Amiga emulation as i think its now possible to run just about every game ever made...

Heres a bit of party info...UAE originally stood for "Useless Amiga Emulator" ( its true ) as the years went on and it was improved they named it "Usefull Amiga Emulator" Nowadays its commonly known as "Ultimate Amiga Emulator"
Basicly do what i did....i made the DVD i always wanted myself and shared it....Whether anyone likes what you create is irrelivent...If it does the job for you like mine does for me then thats all you really want.
The idea of the xbox expansion disk is to perhaps give you the best of both worlds but it will still need to be set up .....Thats the Xbox for ya
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