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Originally Posted by synchro
There are plenty of WinUAEX DVD's out there full to the brim of games sure if you hunt around you will find what you need.....
My intention was to just make a dvd for both machines but it was always PC orientated as not everyone has an xbox......
No problem. But you know as well as I do that when it comes to x-port emu's it is not as simple as slapping in a disc and running stuff. Each time you select a disk the emu brings up a configuration screen that has to be gone thru first. It always defaults to the settings of the last disc selected so one has to be very careful everything is set properly or it wont work. Quite tedious. If I've already setup a game and put in a different disc/compilation and the filename is not exactly the same then the emu will not know that and it has to be reconfigured again.

WinUAE is alot easier you can practically load anything without tweaking a whole lot of settings. Plus there are like ten million pre-configured settings available on the net for people to rely on.

Originally Posted by synchro
Actually i never said that.... i said they share the same game directory ( which they do ) all the ADF'S and the HDF files.... The cover i posted does tell you whats on the DVD for both PC and xbox.

I included the WHD games for the workbench mainly because thats what people wanted and WHDLoad deserve it.

Hopefully loads of people will now register with them as an added bonus so they keep up the great work

Also if you know WinUAEX very well you can actually run all the WHD games as just takes a bit of working out ...It just means a lot if directory jumping
Right, but no proportion of Xbox vs PC stuff was really mentioned "Great selection of Amiga games" hardly qualifies as a definitive number. But yes I probably shoulda read the box more carefully. I guess I took the word "shared" a little too liberally.

Don't worry, I'm well aware the other stuff is accessible and I will eventually sit down and organize it the way I prefer for the xbox. So no need to concern yourself with a more specific Xbox release if you do not want to. I'll post my comments about that in the other thread as long as you can handle it and people won't jump down my throat.

Originally Posted by bippym
Nah it's ok.. I have enough fun renaming to whatever length they are anyway
You've renamed the entire Tosec collection to 42 character length xbox compatible filenames (taking into consideration x-port's emu's treatment of certain characters) and then combined multiple disc games into one zip file?

Cool.... mind creating a .dat file for that? I'd love to use it.

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