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Originally Posted by bippym
What you mean is --> You want a set that someone else has got working cuz you're a lazy biatch
WinUAE is easy to use once you understand the amiga and how it runs at a semi-basic level!
Nah I just firmly believe in not re-inventing the wheel. :

Keep in mind, this is the Xbox emu we are talking here which is a little more difficult to configure and get going than WinUAE on a PC.

Plus I'd rather rely on people who are more familar with their respective machines. For example the C64, Amiga, and Atari ST gamebases are carefully crafted by people who more familar with those machines than I. Although I had Amiga's, I rarely used them for games (mostly strategy) and I sold them long before things like WHD existed so I'm unfamilar with that as well.

The whole idea is to make them available for someone unfamilar with the machine to enjoy (like my niece/nephew), not too people in the know. I want people to be able to look at it and say... "Hey, they Amiga was really pretty cool".

Tosec sets are a biatch to rename to 42 characters, try it some day.

Most Tosec sets have ten million variations of a game, when one will do, and it's a pain to figure out which one.

Some Tosec sets (like the Atari 800 ones) are not even worth the disk space they take. 95% of the files are in the incorrect format. Places like Atarmania release them in their "proper" format.

At one point I had an Amiga 500, 2000 (with 68030 acellerator board 8 megs of RAM, I believe), and an Amiga 1200. So I'm pretty familar with how an Amiga works.

Just too answer a few questions.

Comeon guys just because I was a little dissapointed with the Xbox side is no reason to jump all over me. The PC side is great, fantastic. But the xbox side is lacking period, I'm just telling the truth. Just because something is free doesn't mean a little constructive criticism wont hurt. It's not like I'm calling him names or anything. Sheesh. I still plan on making it available as a torrent somewhere, at some point.

Synchro made it sound as if the xbox and PC were sharing "ALL" of the files and that was what I was hoping for. I've seen ALOT of xbox emu compilations and I was dissapointed in almost all of them. Most of em people just slap a bunch of games on it and that's it.

That's why I'm working on some myself. I intend on taking it further. But really, why waste my time on unecessary work when I could be focusing my time on the rest? You'd be amazed at the amount of duplicate effort going on out there when it comes to certain things. I want people to rebuild what I do with whatever sets they already have available to them. Another couple months and I'll be mostly done.

Please note this is xbox specific... There are plenty of decent things available for PC owners.

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