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>>>>Did you press CTRL-F12 to speed it up?

And if you use "frameskip=1" you can increase the speed without any loss in frames (because you limit the frames that dosbox draws in a buffer, or a thing like that anyway )

>>>Duke Nukem is one that is a pain, and many games from 1996 onwards can be slow no matter what.

That's because DosBox emulates a 486 DX. (You couldn't run Duke Nukem on a 486 I think). But you can run these games using a Win98/WinMe Partition or Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. With Virtual PC you can have multiple machines running at the same time. I even use it for AROS.

>>>> so who wants a game of Duke / Doom / Quake and you name it hell i think theres about 200 games installed on it LOL

If you want doom on an XP Machine (with mouselook ) try

>>>>> so after all that now i have in my front room (in a small media case) a TRUE DOS box (under 98se) with 1.4Ghz CPU and 512MB ram, 64MB GFX and AC97 sound [IMG]images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] all through my big TV!!!!! MMMmmMMM

I use a different approach. All in one machine with different OS and emulators.
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