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Noob needs help building an Amiga

Hi all, as you can guess from the title im an amiga noobie, and my amiga knowledge is from 10 years ago and involves 1)stick disk in 2)play game.

I've recently purchased a mint con. A600 and a load of boxed games (~25) from Ebay, but after browsing your forum and seeing all the excellent workbench set ups and hearing of the 2sec!! boot times im very interested in building an A1200 tower system as im in the process of turning my PC in to a purely DV editing suite and using my Amiga, DC and GBA (plus all my really old kit NES, etc) for gaming, but I would also like to get a super fast booting Amiga for wordprocessing and the like.

So here goes, can anyone help me or point me to a site that can, with the following. Im proficient in building and setting up PC but know nothing of the insides of an Amiga.

1) Towering an A1200 system, is the A1200 my best bet or should i go with another model?

2) Upgrading the RAM, graphics, and CPU (or is that installing an execrator for amiga's ?) I want it to be the best it can.

3) Fitting a nice big PC HDD & and a CD-ROM

4) Setting up the OS and programes so that it boots fast and looks great

5) What programs to use for word processing?

6) Is it possible to hook up a PC mouse and printer to an Amiga?

7) Any tips the pros of this site can give me.

8) how to get online with an Amiga?

9) I heard about emulation boads for the Amiga, is it possible for me to get an amiga to dual boot into either Workbench or MSDOS and how fast is would the Dos emulation be (i was hoping around 486 DX 50Mhz)

10) how mutch is this likeley to cost?

Im trying to get info now so I can get the system up and running some time around Jan-Feb. and ill keep my eye on ebay for any HW/SW your guys recommend.



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