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Ahhh ok, that's fine. I still have the amiga gamebase to go buy, and eventually the lemonamiga set if they will release 0.99 so I can properly put together a full set. They seem to have a problem with release a .dat file. Something that would take less than a minute to do.

If you didn't know. I've created xbox screenshot editions of the amiga gamebase (and sooner or later lemonamiga) with all files renamed to the 42 char limit for the xbox repository. I was hoping your tribute would consist of demo's and other misc stuff not covered by the above two mentioned. But since it is geared towards the PC and WHD I won't be able to do much.

I try to stick to stuff that is a little more thought out (like gamebase, lemonamiga, no-intro) then the jack-of-all-trades collections like Tosec, and Goodtools. I wanna run stuff that I know is gonna work and not have to sift thru the junk. So to speak.

Still it's nice to be able to pop that disc in a PC and run stuff on the go. So It'll still get some use from me. I'll probably eventually come up with something a little more elaborate on the xbox eventually.

For now I'm gonna concentrate on the no-intro's, gamebases, and eventually an Atari 800 set based on atarimania. Among other things.
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