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Originally Posted by greenchili
Yeah... what is your secret anyways? I got it this week and was looking at the disc and as far as I know xbox discs need to be in xiso format for them to be bootable.

Anyways the xbox side seems to be kinda limited in what's availalble. Alot of the demo's and games seem to be part of the workbenches which seem to be only available on the PC side.

Did I miss something?
Basicly the PC side takes up most of the work and the XBOX part was really an added bonus as i was able to allow the Xbox and PC to share the main " Amigadisks " directory the fact workbench is a little slow on the xbox so WHD may not be so good ...
But i may make a 2 disk version...One for xbox and one for PC...Theres still plenty there though....lots of games...hdf files and iso,s for the cd32
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