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AfA: AROS for AmigaOS 3.93.2

"AROS for AmigaOS" (AfA) enhances the latter with functins of the aformentioned operating system. there's a small update available following this link.

With AfA 3.93.2 the picture.datatype doesn't crash anymore if you choose "SaveIFF" in IconEdit. Saving via this function is not possible yet as the picture.datatype of AROS doesn't support this for now.

If you could make some example code for the saving of IFF files available then please contact Bernd Roesch, the author.

Also new is the use of the rasrport text attribute Italic with TrueType texts. The minimum stack size was increased from 4,500 bytes to 6,000 bytes, to save memory the creation of a second afa_system.library was stopped.

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