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Baron Greenback
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Hey all, first post and all that...

I've got a A500plus + 1MB expansion, 3 or 4 A600s with a 1MB expansion board (a couple are in bits and I don't know how many machines all the bits would add up to) and 3 CBM A1200s, I have a 8MB+FPU trapdoor expansion in one and a 50MHZ Blizzard 1230 in the other plus extra floppy drives and hard disks etc.

I really don't use them much these days, WinUAE is much more convenient and is reasonably compatible, as well as a fair load faster. Although I do fire up the 1230 from time to time for old times sake

Other old stuff I have...

ZX81 + 16KB RAM, seems like it works OK albeit with a terrible picture. 2 Rubber key ZX Spectrums both dead and a +3 that works fine. A CBM64, Amstrad CPC6128, SNES, Atari Jaguar, 3DO (no laughing!!), a Nintendo 64 and finally a Sega Saturn.

Oh, and the usual boneyard of obsolete PC hardware.
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