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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
You could probably run a DOS game on a DOSBOX running on a PPC, I just don't see running games on a 68K Amiga (would be too slow I think).

Is anybody going to try it?

I have DOS emulater software for the Mac (works on 68K) and to run Windows 3.1 the manual says you need a PPC machine. I snagged a Nubus 386/25 card for one of my Macs and it runs great except it only emulates CGA video (unless I rip the machine up to install a VGA card onto the Nubus card). So even if a 68K could emulate a DOS game how would you run the VGA graphics? My 286 bridgeboard on my 2000 can only do CGA unless I install a CGA card.
I have run SoftWindows, a Macintosh Windows 3.1 emulator on the Mac emulator Basilisk on Windows XP!
I think to run amualted VGA games on a 68k you need atleast a 68040 with FPU.
I can tell you it was slow or crashed Basilisk when I tried to run Shadowgate Windows 3.1 version.
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