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Originally Posted by Zetr0
I have to admit I am with Keropi on this one.

Dos box is... a dire implementation of a virtual os, especialy when its run on a virtual os (XP say). after a few hammer and tongs on my 3200 barton (2GB ram -Dual Chan)
I was almost able to play duke nuke'em at an almost playable speed.. but there are some that just trawll....

infact i got so upset with the speed of it.. i went in my the workshop, dragged out a load of old bits / junk and proceeded to put together an actual dosbox!

low and behold after 2 and a half hours of moaning at 98SE installing, configuring and rebooting... oh good i'd almsot forgotten howmany reboots you have to do.... I am sure i changed the keyboard config and it asked to reboot..... lol....

so after all that now i have in my front room (in a small media case) a TRUE DOS box (under 98se) with 1.4Ghz CPU and 512MB ram, 64MB GFX and AC97 sound all through my big TV!!!!! MMMmmMMM

so who wants a game of Duke / Doom / Quake and you name it hell i think theres about 200 games installed on it LOL

i did buy one thig for it though.....

a bluetooth dongle for my mouse and keyboard

Did you press CTRL-F12 to speed it up?
Anyway, DosBox is a superb emulator, I should know, I have tested 3,000+ games on the various releases.
Duke Nukem is one that is a pain, and many games from 1996 onwards can be
slow no matter what. Otherwise, Doom or Panzsr General or Descent run beautifully, and many newer DOS games from 1997 or so run just right.
DosBox , like WinUAE is a WIP. It'll get better.
I use the Mac OSX and Windows XP release. Happy with both!
As for running demanding or even not so demanding (of course 32 bit games) on an Amiga...good luck. A waste of time.
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