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Originally Posted by Solid Snake
Picked up a strange Amiga item today from the local flea market. A Golden Image 3A-1D external floppy drive with track display. The item was boxed as new for £2UKP. I remember owning various external floppy drives for my A500, but not one with a display. Just for completeness does anyone have the owner's manual that was supplied with this drive? A scan or PDF of the manual will suffice. Thanks.
Yup, recently got given an Apollo 1240 25mhz FPU MMU 16mb ram Accelerator.

Today I got given a Commodore 3 button PC serial mouse (I have a Serial port adaptor, but no software...) an A500 with 512k expansion card Immaculate case, solid sounding FDD with Warranty seals still intact and a Dell Ultrascan 14" monitor (dunno if it syncs to 15khz yet though..).
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