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Originally Posted by Psycreator[mds]
Tested VICE just for fun on my A4000TE 060 128mb ram and CVPCC plus a Repulse Soundcard.
First impression, it is very compatible, any Game worked without problems on the C64 and Plus4 Emulator. But it is really slow on 68k, 2-5 FPS maximum here )
Yes, I think I only got 10-15 fps maximum myself for quite basic C64 games and demos.

If it would run as fast as MAgic64 it would be a cool Emulator, but this will never happen, so this Emulator is for High Powered PPC or PC's only. Can't wait until I got a PPC Amiga myself, the Vice would be fine )
I doubt it will ever run as fast as Magic64 on 68k, but maybe it could be optimised to run as fast as Frodo on 060. This at least would be an acceptable speed. Can't wait to try it on A4000 with PPC.

Originally Posted by mr_a500
Yeah, I tried it on a real Amiga 500 and it failed when it tried to load cybergraphics.library. It ran great up to that point.

I don't want to get into a pointless arguement, but WinUAE is NOT a real Amiga. You may emulate real Amiga software, but you are not a REAL Amiga user (...due to your lack of REAL Amiga). Is someone who runs a flight simulator a real jet pilot?
Very funny stuff mr_a500!
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