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The Reason why Championship Manager 2 will not work on emulators is that the cracked version is a direct duplicate of the original (MFM as well!).

The MFM format was massive, and the disk juggling you had with 4 disks was bad enough, but because of the size of the format, the final game would have been 6 disks!

So, I was able to duplicate the protection completly, and thats what the Fairlight CM2 Installer does, is to write out the original on your blank disks.

If anyone is interested, I will upload the final version of CM2 (Hard drive), which was eventually compatible with o4o/o6o processors, something the original coders could not do.

Whether or not it will work for emulators is another thing.

The game claims to be AGA only, but, its AGA only in its memory requirements (2 Meg chip ram), so, as long as you can configure 2 meg chip ram, and around 4-5meg fast mem you should be able to run it...... but I warn you...... its gonna be slooooowwwwwwwww
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