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Cool [] server migration in 3 days !

Dear community,

To speed up and clean the services, I have planned one migration next week !
The operating system of the server will be reinstalled from scratch, and the hardware will move to a new NetCenter. (GlobalSwitch - Paris)
The new network connectivity will be even better for international users with direct peering on MCI and Level3.
Reinstallation of the Linux core system will clean and speed the OS and websites.

For the event, I have already migrated the IRC and Mail services to a new server, so you won't be lost and will be able to have fresh news and speak with your friends during the downtime
You can also expect to see a new IRC homepage, updated EAB & HOL, and PHP5 for hosted webmaster

Well, I hope everything will go well, and that you will enjoy it!
Your admin, RCK.
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