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i am a bit worried about how fast it would run on a real amiga
I only get a C64 at 6FPS with WinUAE and default settings or 30 FPS with optimised settings. As usual sound emulation is very time consuming.
My original post was done quickly at work, so I'll add some of my first impressions here now. I tested this for a couple of hours a fortnight ago on A4000/060 with Picasso II gfx card. It pretty much crawls with unoptimised settings. With optimised settings and sound turned off it runs at a half-decent rate, but depends to some extent on how sophisticated the C64 game or demo is that you're trying to run. Speed is not too flattering with C64 games that are hardware intensive (e.g. shoot 'em-ups like Turrican). Not sure if type of Amiga gfx card (i.e. 2D vs 3D vs PCI) is a great factor for speed with sound turned off, but I imagine it is with sound emulation turned on. Anyway, I would have liked to have fiddled around with it a bit more, but unfortunately my Amiga went down a day or two later. I hope to get my A4000T/060/PPC back soon, so I imagine the MorphOS version will run much faster on that.

As it stands, VICE on 060 is what Frodo is to Magic64 on 030/040 speed-wise. VICE is definitely a class above Frodo, so hopefully the AmigaOS3 version will benefit from further optimisation in future updates. I imagine this initial release is not terribly optimised, so there should be some room for improvement in subsequent versions. Emailing the author might provide some strong encouragement for this to get on it if you want it!
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