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I have to admit I am with Keropi on this one.

Dos box is... a dire implementation of a virtual os, especialy when its run on a virtual os (XP say). after a few hammer and tongs on my 3200 barton (2GB ram -Dual Chan)
I was almost able to play duke nuke'em at an almost playable speed.. but there are some that just trawll....

infact i got so upset with the speed of it.. i went in my the workshop, dragged out a load of old bits / junk and proceeded to put together an actual dosbox!

low and behold after 2 and a half hours of moaning at 98SE installing, configuring and rebooting... oh good i'd almsot forgotten howmany reboots you have to do.... I am sure i changed the keyboard config and it asked to reboot..... lol....

so after all that now i have in my front room (in a small media case) a TRUE DOS box (under 98se) with 1.4Ghz CPU and 512MB ram, 64MB GFX and AC97 sound all through my big TV!!!!! MMMmmMMM

so who wants a game of Duke / Doom / Quake and you name it hell i think theres about 200 games installed on it LOL

i did buy one thig for it though.....

a bluetooth dongle for my mouse and keyboard
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