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Originally Posted by Zetr0
got another question,

we have looked on the processor as 95% compatable *with opticode trap & software translation*, I am assuming that the V4 coldfusion CPU has a closely related but also a specific opticode set, this being the case what of perhaps a specific V4 coldfusion comipiler thus perhaps promoting better speed / compatability throughout software.
There are already Coldfire assemblers and C compilers available on the Amiga, The Amiga port of GCC for example supports Coldfires in general (PC ones support specific Coldfires, dont know about the Amiga port though, it just seems to have a -coldfire option)
Aminet already has a Coldfire assembler that supports the V4.
So fingers crossed we already have all the software we need. :-)
(I wonder if Storm could be altered to support it as its based on GCC, just change it so the -68K tag actually enables the coldfire instructions...)

Originally Posted by Zetr0
...did i just read the potential of ONBOARD USB!?!?!??!?!?
The last prototype I kind of went mad and added any extra I wanted (Which ment more wires and more to go wrong) and that had USB, Firewire, AC97 audio, IRDA, etc etc etc...
The current card is a very basic design but if it worked I would change the board to a 6 layer design (the two current data layers, two power planes and two extra data layers top and bottom) which would free up almost all of the top surface for extra's. USB is something I have been playing with for a while, it would only be 1.1 (8 bit interface) but it would be cheap.
What upgrades are on depend a lot on target price, what the final design looks like, etc.

Originally Posted by Zetr0
heres a cheeky question,
how much do you think it will retail for?
The target price is £150, however the actual components to make up the board are very cheap in bulk so IF a first run could have.. say... 250 pieces it could go below £100. £150 is the most likley though.

Originally Posted by Charlie
How does one utilise this with regard to the kickstart rom(s)?
Either a flash chip on the CPU board would boot first and add the required 68K compatability software or the kickstart would need to be changed.
Up to now I have gone the flash chip route, this card is the first to go with changing the kickstart chip.
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