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Hate to spoil the rivalry and sit on the fence but:

Didn't anyone here have an ST and then UPGRADED to an Amiga?

I bought an ST in 1987, just before they started fitting double sided disk drives in the things. My first three games, on plain black disks that cost a fortune back then (£2 each?), were Super Sprint, Barbarian and Star Wars.

I love these three games - superb playability. The first ever ST game I played was plutos - I thought the graphics were amazing back then but it hasn't aged to well!

In 1989 (I think!) I sold the ST and bought an amiga batman pack after being jealous of a friend. Must admit, I prefer the Amiga but the ST was a good games machine for the 2 years I had it.

Some vector flight sims (eg Falcon) ran better on the ST because of its slightly faster processor. That's about the only thing it had above the Amiga.
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