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Originally Posted by Oli_HD
The coldfire (since the V2?) has had an instruction trap which is a hardware module designed to catch illegal instructions (like unsupported 68K ones) and pass them to a software program which converts them in to a string of coldfire instructions that do the same thing, passes it back to the CPU core where it gets on with executing the (now coldfire native) program.
This module means a good amount of 68K compatability can be gained. Freescale (Motorola) say that most programs "should" not need to be ported if that software/trap is used but that waits to be seen.
Idle curiosity:
How does one utilise this with regard to the kickstart rom(s)?
I assume they aren't coldfire compatible and so need the above in place before the initial 'boot-code' is called...
How are you doing it?

No doubt there is an explanation elsewhere - can anyone post a link?
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