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What Amigas R U running?

Just wanted to get a feel for the Amigas people are still running on this board.

Mines a 1200 with a 360Mb hard drive, 6megs ram, second drive and a microvetech multisync monitor.

Wish I still had my classic 500, the one that came with the "batman pack". Bet that was the most popular amiga packages in the UK! Some money was spent that christmas by our parents!

The hard drive is full of nostalgic games, which is about all I use my Amiga for now. Need to track down some classic microswitch joysticks however for that genuine feel, as my old ones are done for. Bought a pad, but it doesn't seem right.

It's unbelievable how far a small hard drive will go on an amiga - it took me ages to fill up!

Got a 1 gig hard drive lying around, will that work with the amiga 3.0 OS?

Thanks for the input
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