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Originally Posted by charlie
Between your hard work & the potential of Dennis' Minimig things are looking up for anyone interested in the 'classic' Amiga.
Yep the Minimig does look very cool, very much the kind of project that interests me.
The coldfire card isnt designed to be the future of Amiga's, It is very much a thing for the 'classic' Amiga's, its the computer I love

Originally Posted by keropi
also, does it have some kind of bus onboard, like the csppc/bppc??? is one planned?
That idea has been thrown back and forth over and over again, one design has expansion slots, the next doesnt... first one to work gets made. :-)
If there are now expansion slots on board there will be upgrades built into the card. (like onboard USB or somesuch)

Originally Posted by jrom
Is there any relationship with the Dragon ColdFire boards that Elbox is developing?
Nope, I said hi and wished them the best of luck when they announced the project and they said Hi and good luck back, thats all Ive had to do with Elbox.
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