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Originally Posted by alex2000
I've got a 1200 aswell, I had it for christmas... i dunno when

It came with Oscar & Dennis... after that most of my games were copied but the machine remains with me so I can play those old classics when I get chance.
Hi all, my first post here

I got the same bundle back in (I think) 1992.

A floppy based A1200 was definatly in the "sacrifices" department and Wordworth2 needed 18 disk swaps to load hehe (I counted them).

Later I got a 240MB Connor hard disk which made life a lot easier and I never looked back.

For christmas 1996 I got a Blizzard 1230 IV and 8MB SIMM + FPU. This really helped and enabled me to use Final Writer 5. I also loved using CanDo 2.

In Nov 1997 I got a PC and we sold the amiga and all the extra stuff.

In 2004, I got another A1200 with a 4MB RAM expansion and FPU. I gave it a 512MB hard disk and later another 1230 IV. I've now fitted a Blizzard 1260. I also have a Blizzard PPC 603e/040@25.
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