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Originally Posted by Zetr0
okay heres a question,

I have a Micronik 686 rev 6 zorro board that allows A3000 and A4000 processors to be connected (has an Cyberstorm MkII 060 +128mb ram at present)

could i use this cold fusion board instead?????
Yep, you can use any card that connects to the fast slot that has CPU takeover... (to turn the 020 on the A1200's motherboard off, only the A3630 and other 030 A4000 cards didnt)

That said, this is just a prototype, not a production model. (far from it)

Originally Posted by Zetr0
could a Z4, PCI or Zorro implementation be done with this board?>
Err, if that board has Z3 slots then yep.
The logic on the CPU card (of any fast slot CPU upgrade) turns the onboard CPU's bus in to a 030 CPU bus so the motherboard (or busboard in your case) see's each CPU as if it was an 030.
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