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AmigaOS4 version of wizard.library and new AmiPhoto catalogs available

"Press release Wehrheim, Germany, July 10 2006


Today a Native AmigaOS 4 version of the wizard.library is available. You can get the library for free from our download area. The new wizard.library works with 68k programmes under the OS4 emulation as well as with future native wizard programmes.

AmiPhoto catalogs

New catalogs for AmiPhoto are available in the following languages: Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian. A big thanks goes to Remo Constantin for his great work. You can find the catalogs in our download area.

Alinea products at dealers

We want to mention once again that you can also get AmiPhoto from our trade partners GuruMeditation, GGS-Data and AmigaKit. GuruMeditation will receive the WB Super Games and the Payback Fan CD in next few days.

New items in our shop

Our shop has a lot of new items. You can find new amiga merchendising products, the "Total Amiga Magazine" and SODIMMs for the µAmigaOne. Please pop over to our online shop and have a good browse."

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