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Originally Posted by Ultron
All their projects were cancelled and to be fully honest, the Bitmap Brothers are dead. Even some GBA ports never got released. It's probably all over for some time now. It's probably for the better, since by continously releasing shite they were merely beschmirching their own legacy.
Thanks for the info! I'm pretty sure that that WWII game got released, though didn't it? Not sure who was involved in it though. Anyways, I actually got around to playing Z2 and it was actually pretty good!

I'd love to know where Eric Matthews went. His genius seemed to be apparent in all the best Bitmap games, namely, Speedball II, Gods and Chaos Engine. You're right that it's probably for the best that the Bitmaps stopped rehashing their old games though, I'm sure they were doing much more damage than good. Even their "far reaching" sequel to Speedball II, Speedball Arena, looked like shit!
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